Inspector Koo Drama Review

Having recognized the killer’s next center in, our gathering prepares a sting action to get her in the show, hoping to avoid any further difficulties meanwhile. In any case, lines of steadfastness are starting to cloud, and that is a dangerous game to play while accepting some unsatisfactory individual can guide the outcomes a deadly way.

A man sings alone in a dull condominium. OMG it’s Santa, and he’s singing with respect to believing that someone will see him while putting genuine photos of Kyung-yi in a photo assortment. Then, the camera dish over his workspace to reveal a deconstructed doll exactly like the ones Kyung’s accomplices pass on.


Ghastly music plays as he puts a type of clear liquid from a little vial into Kyung-yi’s drink while she snoozes. He smiles by and large as she downs it, absolutely clueless.Je-hee and Kyung-soo follow Ko Dam’s vehicle as he leaves his office.

Additionally as Kyung-soo is remarking that it would be cliché in the event that a Truck of Doom were to strike Ko Dam’s vehicle right now, a whole task force of trucks zoom past them, including Ko Dam’s vehicle to go with him to KD Peace Lab.

The gathering sits across the street from the lab, pondering how Kyung will sort out some way to kill Ko Dam when they can’t get a short gander at him. Kyung-yi muses that out and out a contention – expecting to be even that – would draw him out. Suddenly, a flag drops from the lab’s roof, pronouncing an approaching mechanical innovation highlight. Kyung-yi unwinds.

Sook draws in a youth in a crisis center with a robot while Kyung-yi and Je-hee watch, unamused. Sook sends the robot – and the child – out into the entry so they can discuss Ko Dam. It’s likely he’ll report his mayoral mission at the show off, and since he’ll be extra evident, it’s an optimal time for K to strike.

Dropping the show off won’t stop her, conceivable; she’ll just hold on for her next plausibility. Sook says particularly that Kyung-yi seems to acknowledge K incredibly well, and Je-hee quickly turns the conversation back to Ko Dam. Exactly when Sook asks again how they expect to keep K from killing him, Kyung-yi says, I’ll set up for her.

Mr. Kim gets a bomb in a cardboard box, which detonates before KD Peace Lab the following day. No one is hurt, yet Ko Dam’s head of security urges deferring the component. In like manner, Ko Dam – presently disturbed because of the watchman canines’ steady gabbing outside –fires him on the spot.

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