How a love for big cats and the ‘myth’ of the leopard sparked this wildlife photographer’s career

Individuals traverse seas and from the opposite side of the world so that a possibility might see the miracles of Kruger National Park. The South African game save was set up over 120 years prior and positions among the best public parks on the planet. List of must-dos travelers visit with the desire for experiencing the “large five” – lions, panthers, elephants, rhinos and wild ox – and, with any karma, catching a memory-commendable photograph all the while.

“Our creatures essentially make untamed life photography elegant,” says Rodney Nombekana, a safari guide who values giving guests a camera roll of motivations to fall head over heels for Kruger’s natural life. “Thusly, in addition to the fact that they appreciate the untamed life they engage in preservation of our normal world.”

Travelers on Nombekana’s safaris might well wind up in a superb situation to catch the ideal shot – on the grounds that Nombekana is a natural life picture taker himself, an enthusiasm he says he fell into years prior while driving a safari bunch through an alternate park.

“Coincidentally a panther was perched on a delightful stone during the dusk, and I took out my PDA and I snapped a photo of this panther,” Nombekana reviews. “At the point when I returned home, I checked out the image, and I understood that it would be great whenever taken from a legitimate camera.” So Nombekana purchased a starter camera pack. Likewise with the panther, he wound up attracted to catching pictures of large felines – an interest he says was reasonable started during his youth in the country spaces of the Eastern Cape.

The older folks of the town consistently informed us concerning the panther, he clarifies. It was consistently a legend that there was this creature that was known as a panther. We very truly saw it. It’s constantly been a fantasy of mine to really see a panther in the wild and when I originally saw one, it was simply amazing.

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